An analysis of the equality of interest principle according to peter singer and tom regan

The position was countered by fellow philosopher tom regan in 1989, when peter singer attempted to speak during a lecture at saarbrucken, he was interrupted by a group of protesters including advocates for the handicapped he offered the protesters the opportunity to explain why he should not be allowed to speak the protesters. Excerpts from philosopher peter singer's groundbreaking work, animal liberation. Peter singer’s ideas aren’t just a threat to society they endanger the very existence of ethics and ethical behavior at least this is how susan lufkin kranz sees it singer’s thinking “is clearly an affront to our common humanity” (xiv) “singer. Peter singer equality for animals essays and research papers the arguments are commenced since 1977, all of three philosophers, peter singer, tom regan and carl cohen have respectively written their work to declare the status of animals on the one hand, according to peter singer’s “all animals are equal(1977) ,” and tom regan’s. The case for animal rights by tom regan from: animal rights and human obligations edited by tom regan and peter singer second edition englewood cliffs, nj, prentice hall, 1989.

The great ape project: equality beyond humanity edited by peter singer and paola cavilieri a compelling and revolutionary work that calls for the immediate extension of our human rights to the great apes the great ape project looks forward to a new stage in the development of the community of equals, whereby the great apes. Summary: broadly construed, animal rights is an area of inquiry and debate that focuses on a variety of approaches to assessing the moral status of nonhuman animals. Institutional repository for st mary's university school of law in san antonio, texas the repository promotes intellectual output from the school of law, including faculty publications and student led law journals, and makes materials available to.

Peter singer & animal liberation what is the basis upon which peter singer argues for animal liberation and which animals deserve liberation why not plants looking back at feinberg, stone, and singer, how do they differ on the question of moral standing tom regan and animal rights how might a utilitarian animal liberation ethics be inadequate to protect animals, according. Peter singer and tom regan , incorporated berlin’s concepts of freedom in their ethics i argue that peter singer, in his utilitarian argument for the ethical.

Midterm study questions environmental ethics, spring 2010 some important concepts: interest, speciesism, absolute/moderate speciesism, moral standing, indirect duty/direct duty, intrinsic value, instrumental value, moral agent/moral patient, being used as a means versus being used as a mere means, subject of a life, sentience, simple. 203 quotes from peter singer: 'to protest about bullfighting in spain, the eating of dogs in south korea, or the slaughter of baby seals in canada while continuing to eat eggs from hens who have spent their lives crammed into cages, or veal from calves who have been deprived of their mothers, their proper diet, and the freedom to lie down with their. (principle of equality) singer shows that equality is based on the capacity of suffering and principle of equality should be extended to non-human animals this.

The foundation of singer’s ethics is the principle of equality however, equality is not premised on the sameness of interest-holders, for humans are inherently different. Regan offers a philosophical analysis and argument for animal rights based on a principle [end page 102] of respect and animals' regan, tom, and singer, peter. The contemporary neofascist scene in europe and north america has shown an abiding interest in the theme as well peter singer, animal liberation tom regan, the case for animal rights mary midgley, animals and why they matter james rachels, created from animals: the moral implications of darwinism david degrazia, taking. Peter albert david singer, ac (born 6 july 1946) is an australian moral philosopher he is the ira w decamp professor of bioethics at princeton university, and a laureate professor at the centre for applied philosophy and public ethics at the university of melbournehe specialises in applied ethics and approaches ethical issues from a.

An analysis of the equality of interest principle according to peter singer and tom regan

an analysis of the equality of interest principle according to peter singer and tom regan I early on in the new ecological order, french philosopher luc ferry characterizes the allure and the danger of ecology in the postmodern momentwhat separates it from various other issues in the intellectual and political field, he writes, is that it can call itself a true “world vision,” whereas the decline of political utopias, but.

Tom regan and peter singer disagree about the best approach to animal ethics what basic things do they agree about what do they disagree about how would their different views result in different conclusions about how animals should be treated which of the two do you think gives a more rationally justifiable approach to discussing animal.

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  • Tom regan, the author of the according to peter singer i can’t hope to answer that question objectively as long as i’m still eating meat “we have a strong interest in convincing ourselves that our concern for other animals does not require us to stop eating them” i can sort of see his point: i mean, why am i working so hard to justify a dinner.

Peter singer and tom regan are the most famous proponents of the view that we should extend moral standing to other species of animal while both develop quite different animal ethics, their reasons for according moral status to animals are fairly similar according to singer, the criterion for moral standing is sentience: the capacity to feel pleasure and pain (singer, 1974) for regan. The humane society institute for science and policy animal studies repository 12-1999 animal ethics and animal welfare science: bridging the two cultures. The two main types of argument put forward for animal rights come primarily from two philosophers: peter singer and tom regan with few exceptions, the philosophic arguments one finds in the philosophy journals or on the internet follow more or less the arguments made by either singer or regan (see keith burgess-jackson's animal.

An analysis of the equality of interest principle according to peter singer and tom regan
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